Nätverket Tech for Good bildades som resultat av drömmen att Sverige kan bli bäst i världen på att föda fram och växa världens schysstaste techbolag.

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Vi har events hos våra medlemmar kontinuerligt, nedan finner du vilka event som är på gång.

  • Doing Good Better

    w. David Goldberg, CEO Founders Pledge

    Founders Pledge empowers founders and investors to add value to their companies as well as the causes they love to make a real difference in the tech world and in the global community. During this evening, co-founder and CEO David Goldberg will tell his own personal story of how he came into philanthropy and founded Founders Pledge - an organisation which today have gathered pledges worth $412 million from hundreds of companies like WeWork, Farfetch and Blockchain amongst many others. Together with David we will discuss how businesses can work to measure initiatives they support, to understand their real impact.

    Note: The event is in English

    Jakobsbergsgatan 18
    111 44 Stockholm